Dave’s (The New Yorker, October 31, 1977)

Talk story about a 4 AM breakfast visit to Dave’s Corner, a luncheonette on the corner of Canal Street and Broadway. The neighborhood was apparently deserted It turned out that everyone who was ambulatory was inside Dave’s Corner. Three horseshoe-shaped lunch counters were lined with customers, and there was a great deal of action at the cigar counter too. Near the cash register was a sign saying “You Ring/We Bring. CA 6-8361. The people were dressed in a broad spectrum of styles – Basic Taxi-Driver, Laborer, Long-Haul Trucker, and White Collar. Tells about the conversation that went on and about Dave, an agreeable man with a thick Russian-Yiddish accent. He’s been there 35 years. (description from¬†https://archives.newyorker.com/)


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