Susanna Cuyler

Susanna Cuyler
Wed, 07/18/2018 - 13:47
When did you live in SoHo?

since 1969

Where did you live in SoHo?

101 Wooster Lohn Wilson's loft after visiting loft onGrand of photographer Andrea...... from California.

What was your occupation when you lived in SoHo?

writer / typist

What do you miss most about SoHo in the 1970s?

Impromptu encounters with others making circuit of galleries.

What do you miss least about SoHo in the 1970s?

Window drafts

If you no longer live in SoHo, why did you leave?

Actually I'm a neighbor; apt. at Mulberry/Spring since 1969. Michael Goldstein hired me for SWN Dec 1973 as gallery distributor et al. Wrote column on grants, profiled Patti Smith, Feb 1974 etc. Opened B.RUGGED storefront 51 Spring 1975, to 339 Lafayette to 1979.

What is your most vivid SoHo memory?

Broome St. Bar with SWN courtesy Michael Golstein, Dec 1973 making us cohesive.

Is there anything else you would like to add to your profile?

Thank you. Saved TNYTimes article to give you. Will contribute my Not Just Another Voice : downtown 1970s' book