Share Your SoHo Stories

If you lived or worked in SoHo, past or present, please share your memories and experiences and we will add your SoHo story to our growing SoHo People archive.

Thank you for your participation and your valuable contribution to this project!

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11 Responses to “Share Your SoHo Stories”

  1. Heads Up! « The SoHo Memory Project Says:

    […] YOUR SOHO PROFILE If you are a SoHo old timer, please fill out this questionnaire and I will add your SoHo Memory Profile to our archive. […]

  2. Aristides Pappidas Says:

    Since I moved into “Soho” in 1962 my understanding of your criteria is that I am disqualified from being an ‘old timer’. But in the spirit of America couldn’t we compromise? Which would lead to your creating a spot for Grandparents of Old Timers (GOT!)! I’m using Listerine as a mouth wash these days so cannot say I await your response with baited breath. Yours truly in [potentially] relative antiquity, Aristides.

    • Jadwiga Reinke Says:

      Hi! Arisitides, what i remember of your loft was that sweet fox that sang.He didn’t bark, he made melodious sounds in his joy to see you.

  3. Yukie Says:

    My parameters are only general guidelines and are always VERY flexible. Someone who moved to SoHo in 2001 probably would not have much to say about living in the old SoHo but OF COURSE you qualify—you lived there throughout the duration of the period about which I am writing regardless of when you moved in!!! And to those of you who do not fall exactly within the time or geographic borders of this project but have a memory to share, I would wholeheartedly welcome your submission. I strive to be ultra-inclusive, but also on topic.

  4. freddie Says:

    In the area since 1971, loved how it use to be, always thinking about it the good old grimey days.

  5. Richard Kostelanetz Says:

    Working up a new edition of my book from a decade ago, THE RISE AND FALL OF ARTISTS’ SOHO, I would appreciate corrections and additions please from those who have already read the book. If you send anything,let me know if I can quote. For new reproductions I’m interested less in photographs than documents. Thanks.

  6. And The Survey Says,… Part II | The SoHo Memory Project Says:

    […] have submitted profiles since 2013 (If you have not yet submitted a profile, please go to the “Your SoHo Profile” page and fill out the form). Reading through the responses, I felt myself transported to another […]

  7. Ann Stokes Szabo (now Neff) Says:

    I lived at 28 Greene St in the 4th floor rear from 1972 until 1993. Actually moved my stuff out four years later. I frequented the Broome St bar, and Berry’s and many other wonderful establishments.

  8. The Three Rs: Reminiscences, Reflections, and Ruminations | The SoHo Memory Project Says:

    […] a “SoHo Profile” over the  years (those of you who have not yet filled one out, click on the “Your SoHo Profile” link to the right).  It’s been great to read your memories of old SoHo.  I thought I’d share some […]

  9. Meg Jacobs Says:

    I visited the Soho Memory Project earlier this week with the Newark Museum. It was wonderful to see the history of this unique area and how it’s developed into what it is like today. I started going to Soho in 1981 and it certainly has changed since then. Kudos to Yukie for documenting the history in such a creative way.

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