SoHo Photos

Rocks in Your Head, Prince Street, ND (photo: Alex @Flaming Pablum (

Ever since I put out a call for SoHo photos, I’ve received all kinds of images, of people, places, events from the 1970s through the present. I’ve included a selection below, the beginning of what I hope turns into a much larger collection that encompasses as many SoHo stories as possible.

Please continue to send images to, and please include a caption with place and date.



Douglas Dunn + Dancers performs Vain Combat at Petrosino Square, 2014 (photo: Andy Jordan)
Thompson Street Playground, 1970s (photo: Harry Pincus)

Douglas Dunn + Dancers performs Vain Combat on Houston Street, 2010 (photo: Douglas Dunn)

508 Broadway, 1970s (photo: Ben Schonzeit)
Rick Parker and his dog on Prince Street (photo: Rick Parker)

Douglas Dunn + Dancers performs Vain Combat at Petrosino Square, 2010 (photo: Douglas Dunn)

Demolition of Church of St. Alphonsus Liguori West Broadway, 1979 (photo: Harry Pincus)

Douglas Dunn in Lazy Madge at Lucinda Childs Studio, 1976 (photo: Nathaniel Tileston)
Mercer at Prince Street, ND (photo: Jaime Davidovich)
Crosby Street – Looking south from Prince Street, 1976 (photo: Jody Saslow)

Playground at Mercer and Houston Street, ca. 2003 (photo: Jean Marie Salaun)

Demolition of Church of St. Alphonsus Liguori, 1979 (photo: Harry Pincus)
Pig Roast on West Broadway, 1970s (photo: Harry Pincus)

Cathy Weis’ “The Building Show” 2016 (photo: Richard Termine)

Under New Management, Crosby Lunch, 1980 (photo: Jody Saslow)

Christmas at SoHo Playgroup, 1970s (photo: Yoshie Mori)

John, chef at Crosby Lunch, 1976 (photo: Jody Saslow)

Baseball on Crosby Street, 1983 (photo: Jody Saslow)

Morris Diamond of Mercer Garage, ND (photo: Edward Salier)

West Broadway, ND (photo: Alex @Flaming Pablum (

Studium Corp., 101 Crosby Street, 1976 (photo: Jody Saslow)

Graffiti on Green Wall, early 1990s (photo: Sherri Machlin)

Eagle Luncheonette at Night, 1976 (photo: Jody Saslow)

Prince Street, ND (photo: Alex @Flaming Pablum (
Eagle Luncheonette, 1976 (photo: Jody Saslow)

SoHo Telephone, early 1990s (photo: Sherri Machlin)

Moondance Diner, ND (photo: Alex @Flaming Pablum (
Al from the auto body shop on Mercer near Houston , ND (photo: Edward Salier)

Ian and Barry Holden at Yankowitz Studio, ND (photo: Nina Yankowitz)
Crosby Street, ND (photo: Alex @Flaming Pablum (

Bayard Condict Building, ND (photo: Jody Saslow)