SoHo New York Artists In The Shadow Of Urban Development (2016)

Paper by Eriana Burdan


New York City’s neighborhood of SoHo in Manhattan has been through many changes in the last two centuries. It is the ultimate portrait of gentrification and has been an important place for the creative class in New York ever since the 1960s. Gentrification presents many issues in urban environments, and SoHo’s gentrification is no exception to the rule. As the neighborhood has transformed and progressed, the future of the neighborhood as a hub for the creative class is challenging and uncertain. T

The evolution of SoHo into something new is inevitable, as it has already begun. The question is whether or not it will remain an artists’ community while satiating the real estate and retail markets’ desires to capitalize on the neighborhood’s popularity. If the arts disappear in SoHo, where it has been so prominent for the last fifty years, how will that affect the creative class in New York?