Romain Nouzareth

Romain Nouzareth
Sun, 07/26/2020 - 10:24
When did you live in SoHo?

the past 15 years

Where did you live in SoHo?

Lived between the West Village and the Lower East Side for the past 16 years and I'm always walking everywhere taking shots. Soho, being in the middle was always part of the trips! One of my best friend here is also a Soho native, he is my hero!

What was your occupation when you lived in SoHo?

Tech Entrepreneur

What do you miss most about SoHo in the 1970s?

I miss the west broadway nightlife from the 90s when I was there the first time as a teenager.

What is your most vivid SoHo memory?

The past months during Covid, in the protests and now with the Street art

Is there anything else you would like to add to your profile?

Since covid, I started publishing lots of pictures here: (not only from Soho, but if you are interested to use some for the time capsule project, I can tag the ones taken in soho particularly.) I also have lots of pics in my archives from 2003 to today. Thanks anyway, it's a great idea what you are doing!. See you in our Soho streets!