Every SoHo story contributes to our collective memory. The more stories we tell, the closer we come to capturing the spirit of our community.
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  • These are a bunch photos that readers have sent in over the years, and they are not in any special order.

    Feb 28 2015

  • And am I any wiser? Yes, in fact I think I am. I have gathered quite a bit of wisdom after writing this blog for four years. I've done oodles of…

    Jan 01 2015

  • Parsons students meld history and fashion into a design for a shift. The finished product presents a visual interpretation of SoHo from the point…

    Nov 29 2014

  • Examples of street art in SoHo and New York City, including Francoise Schein’s “Subway Map Floating on a NY Sidewalk” on Greene Street and Ken…

    Nov 01 2014

  • There have been scores of films shot on location in New York City, but not too many that depict life in SoHo, especially pre-gentrification.

    Oct 01 2014

  • I grew up on Crosby Street between Prince and Spring and then Mercer Street between Houston and Prince. These two blocks have appeared repeatedly…

    Sep 01 2014

  • I have lived long enough to know that I am not an activist, at least not one on the front lines.  I don’t have that kind of fire in me (…

    Aug 01 2014

  • The SoHo Alliance has been working for decades to preserve SoHo’s quality of life by actively monitoring proposed development and opposing…

    Jul 01 2014

  • A brief history of the area of Manhattan that is now called SoHo from Collect Pond in the 1700s through the present.

    Jun 01 2014