Julie Harrison

Julie Harrison
Tue, 10/23/2018 - 10:50
When did you live in SoHo?


Where did you live in SoHo?

168 Mercer Street, 2nd fl

What was your occupation when you lived in SoHo?

video artist, visual artist

What do you miss most about SoHo in the 1970s?

the quiet, lack of people

What do you miss least about SoHo in the 1970s?

having to watch my back every time I turned the corner onto my street, and putting my keys between my fingers while I walked down the street of my neighborhood in case someone jumped me.

What is your most vivid SoHo memory?

working at Food, dragging in discarded furniture for home and studio; having people yell our names outside the building cuz we didn't have buzzers, then throwing a sock down with the key in it; having all mail put into a slot in the street door;

Is there anything else you would like to add to your profile?

still live here, really feel like I now live in a shopping mall, don't like it much, but the buildings are still beautiful to look at. had a performance space called "168 Mercer St Studio" where folks would perform, rehearse and teach classes. It was lighted with clip-ons from canal st and a cheap dimmer board.