Fight The Soho Mega Hotel Flyer (ca. 1996)

The SoHo Grand Hotel, opened in 1996, was the first hotel to be built in the area now called SoHo in over 100 years, and only after 7 previous proposals had failed. Its scale was out of proportion to its neighbors, but over the past 22 years, the SoHo Grand has been integrated into the landscape of the “new” SoHo as new construction has gone up in surrounding lots, including the SoHo Mews, just across the street at 311 West Broadway and The Dominick (formerly Trump SoHo) on Spring Street.

The SoHo Alliance (Executive Director Sean Sweeney) is an all-volunteer nonprofit residents advocacy organization that works to preserve SoHo’s quality of life by actively monitoring proposed development and opposing developers who attempt to overreach the boundaries of regulatory laws.