Franc Palaia

Franc Palaia
Tue, 01/04/2022 - 14:12
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When did you live in SoHo?

late 1960s- early 70s

Where did you live in SoHo?


I didn't live in Soho but was there several days a week photographing walls, exhibiting, doing street performances. I was the first to photograph Hambleton's black shadow figures and captured early SAMO graffiti. I exhibited at Razor gallery, OK Harris and others.

What was your occupation when you lived in SoHo?

Artist (photographer, sculptor, muralist)

What do you miss most about SoHo in the 1970s?

I lived in Elizabeth and Jersey City NJ but was in Soho all the time. I liked the gritty, funky, organic feel about the nabe and interesting to see the very slow but distinctive gentrification going on all around.

What do you miss least about SoHo in the 1970s?

Parking tickets. but I wised up and got commercial license plates and that allowed me to park almost anywhere without worries.

What is your most vivid SoHo memory?

It was fun bumping into famous people like Woody Allen, Paul Simon, Andy Warhol, Basquiat etc.

Is there anything else you would like to add to your profile?

Soho was an amazing phenomena, culturally, physically, economically, socially, politically and a major example of how cities can be re-born, raise up from the ashes (literally) and become a great place to live