Elaine Masci

Elaine Masci
Mon, 07/16/2018 - 07:45
When did you live in SoHo?


My parents were the original founders and owners of Il Mulino Restaurant in Greenwich Village on West 3rd Street. They sold the name in 2002. I was born, raised and still reside in the city. I lived on MacDougal street until I was 12 years old and then we moved into the building my parents bought at 521 Broome Street (a.k.a. 22 Watts Street) in 1981. They still own the building and live there.

Funny enough, I live in the building that Il Mulino is located in (on West 3rd Street). They own this building as well and I have memories of Greenwich Village as well.

Anyway, I have the fondest memories of what SoHo used to be like. I miss it more than I can express. I love that this organization/community exists and I hope to meet some SoHo natives at the next event!

What is your most vivid SoHo memory?

I have so many memories.

As a child I used to be best friends with the daughter of a famous artist (who is now deceased) who lived on West Broadway. His wife sill resides there. I remember their massive loft and how incredible it was. It was austere and very restrained, but at the same time it was a complete incubator for his art work. His paints, markers and ideas were everywhere, but the loft was never cluttered. He also had two playground swings suspended from the ceiling that his daughter and I would spend our days playing on. It was magical to me. Now that I'm older and appreciate interior design, architecture, etc (I am a real estate agent) I also am fond of the memories of what a truly beautiful space it was and probably still is.

I miss that SoHo.

Is there anything else you would like to add to your profile?

I truly have a love affair with SoHo, Greenwich Village and the West Village. I love being involved in any way possible to preserve our neighborhoods and this passion as led me to become one of 7 brokers chosen to be on The Brokers Partnership for The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation...the www.gvshp.org

Thank you so much for starting The SoHo memory Project! For me, SoHo was such a special place in the '80s...I was only born in '75.

Sadly I do not have photos from then, but I am a huge fan of tracking down vintage photos of SoHo...they're difficult to come by.