Video artist and SoHo old timer, Jaime Davidovich, recently shared part of his personal video and photograph collection with me.  His images of long-gone landmarks remind us of the everyday of years past.  The following is a selection from the collection, including a short video of the streets of SoHo in 1975.  Enjoy!



Jaime Davidovich is known as an artist whose innovative and multi-dimensional artworks and art-making activities produced several distinct professional reputations including painter, installation artist, video artist, public access television producer, activist, and non-profit organizer. Like his artwork, Davidovich’s career challenges the boundaries of any one professional identity. His professional career demonstrates a desire to expand the formal boundaries of art practice and the public forums for art exhibition. Jaime Davidovich was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1936. Educated at the National College in Buenos Aires, Argentina; the University of Uruguay; and the School of Visual Arts in New York, Jaime Davidovich has exhibited widely at museums in New York, Ohio, and Iowa, and internationally in Iran, Spain, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Italy, France, and Germany. 


SoHo Television Presents TV Party: A Panorama of Public Access Television in New York City

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