The SoHo Memory Project Goes on The Line

logo_theline_small-343399d9e012f9840403744ed6171138medium_ED_CH_v1.72_SOHOHISTORY_YukieOhta  Last month, I was interviewed by The Line about The SoHo Memory Project. Read the article, and check out all of the great things happening at The Line and at their loft on Greene Street, The Apartment!

The SoHo Memory Project:
A Conversation with Yukie Ohta

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7 Responses to “The SoHo Memory Project Goes on The Line”

  1. aflynn707 Says:

    Hi Yukie. Just love seeing this, as I have enjoyed all of your posts. I’m wondering if I could put this link on our Palmer blog: under alumni news. I would love to brag a bit about you!

    I do hope all’s well and that you are thriving! Keep up the great work!

    Alice Flynn

    • Yukie Ohta Says:

      Alice! So so so lovely to hear from you! Of course, please post the link on the Palmer blog. I still subscribe to Kiosk and I see all of the great things going on at Palmer. I recently met with Peter Wosh about another project and we both agreed that you are the driving force behind Palmer and that they are very lucky to have you! Thanks for tuning in and for reading! xo Yukie

  2. cassvcollins Says:

    Beautiful photo of you, Yukie!

  3. Yukie Ohta Says:

    Thanks, Cass! Great to hear from you.

  4. Alex in NYC Says:


  5. katsoul11 Says:

    Get in touch w Aanie Flanders Soho News), Allan Platt, michael Holstrand! Good luck! Keep me posted.

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