The New Kid in Town

Those of you who live in SoHo probably already know that there is a new hyper-local magazine called SoHo Life  being mailed to residents in the 10012 and 10013 zip codes that is targeted to people living in the area (i.e. not tourists).   The magazine’s content will be written exclusively by local residents and it promises to grow into something quite interesting.

SoHo Life is a general interest issue-oriented magazine covering all aspects of living in the area. It will deliver fun, informative pieces about local people, events, trends, and ideas that capture the spirit of life in SoHo. It will also profile artists, review area restaurants, cover newsy developments, and run a calendar of local events.  Sean Sweeney and the SoHo Alliance are featured in the premiere issue and I will be writing a monthly column in the magazine.

The editors at SoHo Life are currently looking for residents, past and present, to write articles for inclusion in future issues.  If you have any ideas, suggestions, or finished pieces to submit, please email them to

Looking forward to seeing you all in print!

One Response to “The New Kid in Town”

  1. sheba Says:

    Congratulations! Yukie. I will look forward to seeing that. If you want to interview Leonard or have some of his work featured let me know. We are gearing up for his Solo show next month. Very Exciting!

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