Video Post: A Cinematic Ballet

This is a short  film by Jim Stratton entitled, Homage a Anonymous Blocks: A Cinematic Ballet in Three Movements.  Using still photography and video, Stratton creates an homage to the streets of SoHo ca. 1971/2.  Enjoy!

Find out more about Jim Stratton and his work at

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4 Responses to “Video Post: A Cinematic Ballet”

  1. Lois Atkins Says:

    OMG, loved this film. I was going to ask if that was Jeremy looking out the window in the beginning, but then he appeared at the end so it would seem indeed to be that curly haired blonde boy. Despite Jim’s camera work, I could recognize so much of the old SoHo that I got a lump in my throat. How did this survive all these years???!!!

  2. Bethsheba Says:

    Fantastic! I very much enjoyed seeing all the Architecture. Great preservation.

  3. wendy beck Says:

    Wonderfully evocative. Like Lois (above) I got a lump in my throat seeing that gritty place I called home for so many years. Thank you, Jim and Yukie for posting this.

  4. Carol Eckman Says:

    So beautiful. a resurrection of a world that has vanished. the garbage and the old trucks. last night at 8 pm I stood on Broadway with my bag of trash waiting for a gap in the foot traffic to get to the curb.

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